The Most Popular Skateboarding Tricks

If you’re new to skating, we’ve assembled a handful of the most popular tricks that you should focus on while you’re still in the learning stage. Check it out…

The Hardflip

Known by skaters and non-skaters alike, most likely due to its name which denotes that the skater must possess some level of mastery to perform. While you need to have spent a significant amount of time doing any full air trick to be able to do this one, it is one of the easiest flips to do where the skateboard comes completely off the ground. You can find tutorials all over the web for this one, but a good tip for starting is to not slack off on getting as much air as possible so the board won’t whack you during it’s full rotation before landing.

A 180

This trick is as popular as its counterparts: the 360, 540, 720, and 900. The numbers are degrees of rotation that the board makes in the air before you plant your landing. Tony Hawk and other professionals have immortalized these flips.


An ollie is the most popular and easiest skateboard trick there is. Everyone knows it, partially because you will have very little success in learning technical skateboard tricks like grinding, flipping, and sliding, if you have not mastered the Ollie. The Ollie can be tailored to whatever height the boarder is comfortable with ranging from the board barely leaving the ground to the highest one can jump.

Pop Shove It

This trick is essentially an Ollie while doing a flat board spin. Just as in the previous trick described, one can add whatever degree rotation to this trick that they desire and the name stays the same(180, 360, 540, 900, etc). Some warm up tricks to master before attempting the pop shuvit include an Ollie, a kickturn, a 180 Ollie, and a standard shuvit. Your Ollie needs to get at least six inches off the ground to master this one. The boarder can choose between doing a frontside or a backside shuvit. This trick was popularized by skateboarder, Ty Page.


Described by boarders as one of the most basic flips you can execute, the kickflip is a 360 degree flip where the length of the board’s body spins in the air on its axis before landing. This is such a popular trick that there are over 10 different variations one can learn, ranging from expert to easy. This move is preferable in conjunction with other tricks and lends a lot of style when followed by slides and grinds.